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This project is still very nebulous for me but I’ve been working a lot on self portraits I’m still a bit too scared to share. Looking at myself from unflattering angles, both physically and otherwise, how I’ve changed, how I stick up for myself and take up space, stand my ground. It feels self indulgent to pore over ever inch of my own body but I don’t know if I’m qualified to try and map someone else’s until I’ve mastered my own. Maybe the first step in the process is getting brave enough to share, to say this is how I am, this is how I see myself. I’m working on it. 

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Been feeling a little frustrated creatively the past couple weeks, uninspired, unmotivated, in a mood. Something I struggle with in art and life is not to push so hard. Sometimes it’s important to let go of the expectations and pressures we place on ourselves and just let things be what they are, just be present. Sometimes it’s important to get out of the studio, get out of the bubble and have experiences, get inspired. I love playing with watercolor at the beach because the hot sun dries everything so fast. Sometimes the process is more important than the product. 

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Starting this project, starting the sketchbook to go along with everything else. It brings up all sorts of anxieties, sharing my process which has become both sacred and sort of public. It’s different when people see my studio and even that is somewhat stylized and only privy to a select few. But to share my vulnerable and unsure moments early on in something new, the paths I might not even walk down in the end, to trust myself and trust everyone around me with what’s usually only whispered in secret. It’s a little scary to share, to open up that vault. But I’m trying to focus on embracing this collaboration and this hive mind and this challenge and what the point of this project is.



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