the city smells like honey


bougainvillea grows through fences. sea gusts part the clouds. valencia oranges in boxes piled on the sidewalks, hands peeling the skin to show you the fruit. “very sweet, very sweet.”


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you belong only to yourself

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it’s spring and art book club brainstorming is in full bloom. my good friend Nick gave me these two books a few months before our current project “breakthrough” began, and something tells me they will play a part in my work very soon. i’m reading “journals and sketchbooks” as inspiration for my coming turn with our group’s journal. sharing a journal in this project is a nod to art book club’s first collaboration, and i’m really looking forward to what our combined musings will have to say five years later (!!)

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i’m also currently reading “milk and honey” by rupi kaur, and this poem stuck out to me as it’s how i feel about the group effort that is art book club. the work i produce for myself as well as in a collective must stay true.

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return to sender

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forever dirty floors; hard to say where this will go, but a start is a start


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space / body / phases – three worksΒ in the end.

Just three! Feeling the pressure to make these three the very best they can be. Feeling overwhelmed deciding if I should try new techniques or stick to what I know. Feeling excited.

I’m thinking about phases of life:


planting seeds/growth


This is for sure what I am going with -but then I struggle with how to represent each topic because my mind goes in 100 different directions because the possibilities are endless.

In the end, I need to trust what I know because it has been working for me for many years and it IS me.



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The biggest question in every area of life and art all the time always. 

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a shadow on his lung

Easing into this collaboration once again, I experimented with some new color combinations and a variety of paper textures/weight.

thoughts included bodies, cancer, and sex. painting in this bedroom is somewhat new to me, but the light is perfect in the afternoon.


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Starting this project, starting the sketchbook to go along with everything else. It brings up all sorts of anxieties, sharing my process which has become both sacred and sort of public. It’s different when people see my studio and even that is somewhat stylized and only privy to a select few. But to share my vulnerable and unsure moments early on in something new, the paths I might not even walk down in the end, to trust myself and trust everyone around me with what’s usually only whispered in secret. It’s a little scary to share, to open up that vault. But I’m trying to focus on embracing this collaboration and this hive mind and this challenge and what the point of this project is.



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