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goodbye, july

none of these feel complete, but here is recent progress…

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return to sender

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forever dirty floors; hard to say where this will go, but a start is a start


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Starting this project, starting the sketchbook to go along with everything else. It brings up all sorts of anxieties, sharing my process which has become both sacred and sort of public. It’s different when people see my studio and even that is somewhat stylized and only privy to a select few. But to share my vulnerable and unsure moments early on in something new, the paths I might not even walk down in the end, to trust myself and trust everyone around me with what’s usually only whispered in secret. It’s a little scary to share, to open up that vault. But I’m trying to focus on embracing this collaboration and this hive mind and this challenge and what the point of this project is.



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Introducing Breakthrough: Space / Body / Phases

We’re beyond excited to announce the start of our fourth project: Breakthrough. From now until September 2017, the Art Book Club will be exploring the three themes of space, body and phases. As we’ve done before, each artist will interpret these themes in their own way and this time the goal is create 3 large scale pieces by the end of the project. Additionally, we’ll be passing around one sketchbook/journal for three weeks at a time to share how our ideas can influence one another. Throughout the project we’ll be regularly updating this blog so check back often to see what we’re up to and follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter for more updates. Thanks for being a part of our next project!

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