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Today I had a spontaneous need to do something creatively different from what I would ordinarily do and am not necessarily comfortable with. I wanted to do something within a short time frame, for fun and practice. Looking around, I was inspired by the colors of a few items sitting within arms reach. I had my iphone next to me, so I decided I was going to make a couple of small, quick still lifes and photograph them. It was a really fun hour, and it felt great to try something different.

Here are a few photos from my on-the-spot still life/photo exercise.

IMG_0665.JPGOrigami paper, seashells, candy.

IMG_0683.JPGSeashell, glass candlestick, dish, kerchief, cherries, lime, sweet bread, candy, wooden spoon, glitter.

IMG_E0654.JPGAlmonds, cherries, crystallized ginger, salt, wooden bowl and spoon, origami paper.

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by | June 10, 2018 · 6:15 pm

boy o boy.

I’ve been dealing a lot with the use of space -which happens to be one of the themes. I spent a long time adding to the drawing from my last post only to find that I didn’t like the composition and I’ve started over entirely. I don’t mind, though. I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

1) I don’t think about space before placing pencil to paper, which might work for some, but not for me.

2) I still have a hard time filling a relatively small space. I seem to scale down when I draw instead of thinking big.

I do this all the time; spend a lot of time on something only to start over. In my professional career, I plan like crazy so this doesn’t happen. In my artistic career, I dive right in with a vague plan. Interesting.

Here’s to lessons learned and starting over!

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the beginning. planting seeds. patience.



not sure why it takes so much for me to fill a 12″ x 18″ piece of paper with flowers. each one so carefully placed, perhaps erased, only to start again.


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space / body / phases – three works in the end.

Just three! Feeling the pressure to make these three the very best they can be. Feeling overwhelmed deciding if I should try new techniques or stick to what I know. Feeling excited.

I’m thinking about phases of life:


planting seeds/growth


This is for sure what I am going with -but then I struggle with how to represent each topic because my mind goes in 100 different directions because the possibilities are endless.

In the end, I need to trust what I know because it has been working for me for many years and it IS me.



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