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Gina's artistic ideas begin in maddening bouts of pacing and digging through materials that wind into long spacey dreams, and end in meditative bliss. She believes the best ideas complete themselves. Gina is a devotee of art.


Today I had a spontaneous need to do something creatively different from what I would ordinarily do and am not necessarily comfortable with. I wanted to do something within a short time frame, for fun and practice. Looking around, I was inspired by the colors of a few items sitting within arms reach. I had my iphone next to me, so I decided I was going to make a couple of small, quick still lifes and photograph them. It was a really fun hour, and it felt great to try something different.

Here are a few photos from my on-the-spot still life/photo exercise.

IMG_0665.JPGOrigami paper, seashells, candy.

IMG_0683.JPGSeashell, glass candlestick, dish, kerchief, cherries, lime, sweet bread, candy, wooden spoon, glitter.

IMG_E0654.JPGAlmonds, cherries, crystallized ginger, salt, wooden bowl and spoon, origami paper.

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by | June 10, 2018 · 6:15 pm

boy o boy.

I’ve been dealing a lot with the use of space -which happens to be one of the themes. I spent a long time adding to the drawing from my last post only to find that I didn’t like the composition and I’ve started over entirely. I don’t mind, though. I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

1) I don’t think about space before placing pencil to paper, which might work for some, but not for me.

2) I still have a hard time filling a relatively small space. I seem to scale down when I draw instead of thinking big.

I do this all the time; spend a lot of time on something only to start over. In my professional career, I plan like crazy so this doesn’t happen. In my artistic career, I dive right in with a vague plan. Interesting.

Here’s to lessons learned and starting over!

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the beginning. planting seeds. patience.



not sure why it takes so much for me to fill a 12″ x 18″ piece of paper with flowers. each one so carefully placed, perhaps erased, only to start again.


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space / body / phases – three works in the end.

Just three! Feeling the pressure to make these three the very best they can be. Feeling overwhelmed deciding if I should try new techniques or stick to what I know. Feeling excited.

I’m thinking about phases of life:


planting seeds/growth


This is for sure what I am going with -but then I struggle with how to represent each topic because my mind goes in 100 different directions because the possibilities are endless.

In the end, I need to trust what I know because it has been working for me for many years and it IS me.



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