abc6 turns three!

Thank you all for your awesome support over the past three years. abc6 has evolved in so many ways. Thinking back to our first project, Works Well With Others, where we kept it fairly quiet until the night of the show – and then over 100 people showed up! Here are some of my memories from the past three years (in chronological order):

  • Binding the books for Works Well With Others in Jane’s apartment on a horribly hot summer’s night.
  • Lauren moving to San Francisco mid-way through our first project, which created a neat dynamic within the group – hello, facetime!
  • Spending countless hours prepping for our first showcase at Mucky Kids – cutting prints and labels and signs until our fingers were sore.
  • Having to reschedule our first show because nor’easter Nemo slammed the Boston area, burying us in almost 25 inches of snow and shutting down the MBTA.
  • Involving people outside of the group with a monthly ‘call for art’ where anyone could submit work, which we posted to our website and sent the participant a fun goodie bag.
  • Second birthday party bash in Stina’s backyard where friends and abc’ers made art together and enjoyed the gorgeous summer night.
  • Painting/building the ‘walls’ we used to display art on for Continuity – then hanging the art on said walls which was much harder than we anticipated.
  • Remembering how much rain we got during the night of our second showcase, Continuity – the weather will not stop us!
  • Hanging art at various coffee shops around Cambridge after over-processed was taken down.
  • Jane moving to Brooklyn…just yesterday, adding yet another neat dynamic to the group. Now we are in three locations across the U.S!


I’m sure I missed something here, but you get the point.  If you have a memory – please share!


Thank you world. Thank you abc6 ladies.

much love.


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self crit.


Do all materials have to be intentional? What if they aren’t? Does it make the work less valuable?

What about altered/found art? I am still struggling with the elephant head. It is a found object, not something I made from virgin materials. I’ve painted it and am adding embellishments. It will be mostly unrecognizable from its original form. Altered art. Hmmm…how do I feel about that?

I don’t think I’m convinced yet.

What do you think?

And what about that mesh material in the background? Why is that there? Does it serve a purpose?  Is it there because you saw it at Blick’s and couldn’t resist buying it and forcing it into your work?

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thinking of how to incorporate various collections that have gathered over the past few years, including my nana’s shell collection that was recently inherited. i really need to get a backdrop

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Exploring a possible color palette. Trying not to overthink this process, trying to let the pieces float into place.


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I got a sewing machine for Christmas this year from my mom after years of trying to steal hers and now I’m busting into the world of fiber art. Some friends of mine have already done some pretty cool stuff with fiber art, and I’m here to pull some inspiration from them really.

I want to make some like girl scout style badges, banners, and/or flags representing different aesthetics and ideals I believe in.

Here is the only thing I’ve started so far.


That is all.

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because you love it.


I sit on the couch to work and spill glue and paint everywhere. I sit on the bed to work and want to fall asleep. So -I sit on the floor to work until my bones hurt too much. I have no good place to work is what I’m trying to say here…but you make it happen any way you can because you love doing it. You get wrapped up in the process and for a moment you forget that your posture is atrocious and both legs have fallen asleep.

I realized last night that I need to take a step back and plan more. I often have an idea and just start without fully fleshing it out (awful saying, by the way). Am I going to paint the canvas or leave it white? Why did I paint a purple elephant head? Do I really want that many roses? I’m not sure…but I’m excited to see where this goes.

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