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coming along.


However, this is the last week of August and I have 2 more of these to go. Yikes! This is concerning.

Skin tone. What a battle. I got her face to a good place at least 3 times throughout the painting process and then colors got muddled, so I had to paint over it. Just a few tweaks and I need to leave it alone. Then I will tackle the hair.

I’m seeing some magenta and hibiscus and dark skin tones in my next one.

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I’ve lost my train of thought on this project so many times. I can’t decide if maybe I should just start over.

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noodle approved leaf prints

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When you completely scrap the piece you had been working on for a month and start over. Yeah, that. Now I’m talking portraits withย big, bold patterns and colors. Banana leaves and tropical flowers and orange lipstick.

I like a little quirk in the people I draw. Too much proportion in a face is boooooring no matter what the magazines tell you. ย The one below may have a gap in her teeth. I may also embroider giant flowers over her chest instead of leavingย too much exposed skin – and adding dimension. Maybe I will incorporate some paper flowers I was going to use into one of the three paintings.



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I’m trying to immerse myself in process with this series, trying to figure out a way not to over analyze and pull everything apart. Taking the same set of media and using each one in a different way, realizing the same set of pieces can be reconfigured into an infinite number of possibilities, anything is possible.


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heavy thread

photo (30)

I visited Joshua Tree in April and these tones stuck with me. A hard blue sky all day, and when the red tomato sun squashed itself on the horizon the desert lit up gold. Lazy mountains in the distance.

I colored the cotton string with watercolor paint in batches to match the painting, which is secured on oak panel. Attaching the string in the exact right tension was more difficult than I thought it would be and finally seeing the pattern hanging accurately is very satisfying.

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