collaboration progression

Our show is coming up on September 26th! We did what we do, and started a collaborative image for our post card. Here is the progression of the image after each artist had a turn with it.

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4gina

photo (25)

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I am responsible for choosing this month’s theme. I selected an image of the artists at a time when I either did not know the person or of a time that I was not present and do not know the back story of the image. Mine was selected by my boyfriend during a time we did not know one another. It is of myself and my best friend brushing our teeth.  Although the image evokes memories from a much different time, I am having trouble coming up with an idea. When this happens, sometimes I think of specific materials I want to use to try to help come up with ideas instead of drawing inspiration from what I am looking at. I have some plexiglass that I want to use. I thought of transferring the image onto the plexiglass or painting on it. I also thought of using a toothbrush as a paintbrush. My idea is still coming together but below are some ideas I started working on.


Above: Sunday morning coffee brainstorm. Transferring the image onto plexiglass. It didn’t come out how I imagined, but that is because I wasn’t patient and ruined it. So I started over….

Below: Splatter paint with a toothbrush. Use some imagery of mouths. Photograph-oral history- storytelling- toothbrush.


Although these ideas are an alright start, they do not incorporate my overall theme of this project; flowers/paper flowers/nature. I have a lot more thinking to do before this idea fleshes itself out.

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All I want to draw lately is flowers. I’m trying to think about the theme but everything is flowers. I try drawing other stuff but I come back to flowers. I wanted to try self portraiture as an excuse to work on my skills drawing people but after one sketch I knew that wouldn’t work. And I drew some flowers. Maybe the theme of this month for me is staying true to myself. When I see the photo of me at the beach, I think of being in a place where I am in my element, where I’m happy, where I belong. And I think of my very first piece for Abc in fish book. “Home to the ocean, home to the sea.” I think about what is home?


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it’s the most wonderful time of the year

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art book club + burning man madness, my current work station. there is fur, string, sequins, and rubber cement everywhere. everything is shiny, everything is coming together!

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Damn, this month has got me stumped.

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Rainstorm brainstorm


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by | August 7, 2014 · 1:58 pm

forest dwelling.

Had a sick day, so I had a bit more time to work on this today than expected.

Watercolor splashed background.Creamy white paper forest.Creature friends.Collected bark. Work in progress.




I need to start brainstorming for August’s theme- the summer is slipping away fast.

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