day 199


revisiting old friends


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Printmaking update

Please with how these linocut proofs came out.


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an understanding.

A pinky promise between best friends. An understanding only the two of you get.

photoApologies for the poor lighting. I snapped this early in the morning when the light had a cozy, bluish tint to it. I plan to embellish this with some floral illustration around the edges and of course watercolor. There is actually more space around the hands, but I cropped it too closely when quickly editing the photo.

14 days left until our show!

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some of my favorite visuals come to me while i am sleeping, or in the early morning when i have not yet acknowledged that i am awake. soft aqua, jade tones and peach mix, a sliver of a moon above demented midnight deer eating fruit.

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photo (26)

i never use white paint in my watercolor paintings, but i knew here i wanted a clean slice for a crescent moon, so i drew the shape with pencil (and my large mixing bowl) and then carefully filled it in with rubber cement. i’ve never done this before but it seems to be working out as planned.

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flower friends.

Drew this. It’s actually an outline of the two women I received as inspiration from Meg back in March. I was going through all of my pieces earlier and decided to redo the first piece I made for this project…then I decided to possibly incorporate this into something for August. There are 28 days left until our show. 28 days!! I don’t have to much work to finish,but I definitely need to start focusing myself. 


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It’s the end of summer, the end of August, the end of this project, the end of my 28th year. The end the end the end. I’m coming right up to the wire this month because I’ve been struggling so much with what to do.

So I went to the beach to channel the aura of the image Gina picked for my inspiration this month. On this beautiful day, I’m feeling so much finality to this project. I have been working these past couple days on some self-portraits and I find myself reflecting in the nature of “inspiration” in this project and this collective as a whole. Over these past 26 months, I have been endlessly inspired by the talents of my coartists – Gina’s portraiture and illustration, Lauren’s ethereal watercolor, Jocelyn’s collage storytelling, Jane’s bold use of color and shape, Meg’s textural and abstract, just to name a few. Over these past three projects I’ve been trying to soak it all in like a sponge. So much in my life right now is in transition and this collective and this project have been constants for some time now and I am filled with gratitude for that. I have undoubtedly learned so much about being an artist and got to know the other 5 ladies as artists in such a special way. Even though we are 6 radically different people and do have our differences sometimes, there’s no doubt in my mind that we have created something very special and genuine and I am so excited to share all this IRL with you all.

That being said, I think exploring self-portraiture for this month is really relevant for me right now. I’m questioning and struggling with a lot of things and focusing on myself and my identity has been a very timely and cathartic endeavor. It’s frustrating and makes me feel all the feelings to take a risk and challenge myself. I just hope I can come up with some finished pieces that will speak to the depth of this experience.


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day 176


back to the drawing board

34 days

p.s. i am bad at spelling

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